About Mr. Steven Jemmott Director

Steven Jemmott is in the final year of the COB CARES Programme and believes that the time is right for a youth ambassador to fully represent COB youth members.

He will like to be that person to assist the credit union in setting up a sustainable youth leadership programme. Steven was fortunate to attend the regional credit union conference and has acquired insight into the role and functions of the credit union movement. Steven holds a distinction graded Masters degree in Mobile Application Design from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom and a BSc in both Computer Science and Electronics from the University of the West Indies (UWI). Throughout his time in Europe, he took on extra modules in learning Italian, and was an active member of the university’s leadership scheme, which consisted of lectures and workshops in presentation, networking, leadership and communication skills.

He is very comfortable in the world of technology and has been employed with one of the region’s telecom companies Flow Barbados (then called Lime) as well as international telecom giants British Telecoms (BT) of the UK and KN Network Services of Ireland. Since returning to Barbados after his studies, he has been meeting with small business entrepreneurs as a mobile and software consultant while broadening his understanding of modern-day technology. Aside academics, this product of Harrisons College participated in the institute’s King and Queen pageant show of 2006 and captured the Most Photogenic title. During his time in college, he represented the school in a variety of sports, cricket, football, track & field. As he pushed into his Bachelors Degree, he took up music as a disc jockey for social and nighttime events across Barbados.

Given his youth, education, experience and enthusiasm for the movement he will make an excellent ambassador for the youth members of COB. Steven is also involved as a youth leader in his church and community, and looks forward to the support of COB members.

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