About Mr. Kenneth Gittens Director

Kenneth Gittens is an astute business leader and professional Retail and Operations Manager with experience in the area of Board Management and Corporate Governance.

He has spent the past three decades in the retail and merchandising arena, and has served on numerous boards and advisory committees including the Board of the Rural Development Commission. Kenneth was also a Director and one of the key personnel behind the success of the then Julie ‘N Supermarkets. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Needham’s Point Holdings Ltd and Needham’s Point Development and is serving as a Director of COB Financial Services Inc. (COBFSI), actively pursuing strategies for the provision of affordable housing solutions to our membership.

Kenneth has demonstrated the ability to manage projects from conceptualization to successful completion. Kenneth is also skilled in the area of Marketing Management with a particular emphasis on Strategic Market Analysis and Product Development and provides consultation in this discipline.

Kenneth is a community leader and a Director of Community Development Foundation in his district. He is an activist who cares about improving the well-being of the poor and dispossessed in society and continues to add value on committees geared toward the care of the elder and youth development.

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