How It All Started

City of Bridgetown Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered on the 20th October 1983.

Historical documents indicate that C.O.B was formed by individuals who had much difficulty accessing funds from other financial institutions.

Seeing the wisdom of forming a society which allowed young professionals like themselves to channel their limited resources and have easy access to a credit union, they came together to create an organisation that provides these services. Thus, C.O.B. was established.

In the months to follow, many discussions took place – facilitated by persons who generously allowed their homes to be used on such occasions. Volunteers handled the society’s business up to this time.

Our Mission

  • To deliver the most comprehensive financial products of the highest quality, and services that will attract membership.
  • To influence the personal development and commitment of all employees and members to the co-operative principles of the movement.
  • To treat our employees fairly and equitably within an atmosphere of teamwork.
  • To engage in sound financial practices, building strong linkages to cultivate community development.

We will hold steadfast to our values in attaining our mission.

Our Vision

COB’s vision is to become the preferred financial institution for our members.


Members Satisfied

$300 million+

Customer Rating

Our values empower our service to you

We believe in and are strongly committed to:

Respect for our valued members

At COB we hold the opinions of every member in the highest regard. Our decisions are truly influenced by the wishes and needs of our members.

Integrity and Transparency

Trust, candor, honesty and sincerity constitute the principles that pervade all of our decisions. We encourage our employees and officers to live by these values in their personal and working lives.

Service Quality

We are committed to satisfying our members by delivering products and services and achieving results which exceed their expectations. We seek to “Do The Right Things Right, On Time – The First Time, Every Time”.


We encourage and reward innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. We invest in the training and education of our employees to make them leaders in their fields.

Teamwork and Co-operation

At COB we promote and adopt policies and practices that support the attainment of the organisation’s vision, mission and goals through team effort. We recognise the importance of the contribution of every member of “Team COB” to our success.

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