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At COB, we offer a number of Personal Loans which cater to specific life needs and purposes.

Select from our Loans and Line of Credit services to find the solution that meets your specific need.

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Personal Loan Products

Below are the categories of loans on offer and the additional documentation required to make applications for these loans. Standard documentation for loan applications: a recent proof of address, two recent pay slips, a recent job letter, and valid photo Identification.

Loans within Savings (LWS)

Visit one of our branches with your National Identificard Card or any other valid form of identification, a recent proof of income (Job Letter or 2 recent pay slips) and get the loan the same day! No appointments are required for this type of loan.

Weddings & Funerals

For weddings, letters or invoices from service providers outlining the expenses are required. With respect to loans to cover funeral expenses, the invoice from the funeral home is required.


Letter of acceptance from the educational institution and statement of tuition fees/expenses.

Medical Emergency

Medical evidence inclusive of letters, invoices, etc. to support purpose of the loan, which indicate estimates of associated costs.

Debt Consolidation

Statement from various creditors which provide written confirmation of the amounts owed.


Itinerary and quotation from travel agency/airline.


Proforma invoice or invoice from the place of business.

Personal Loan Benefits

We offer an affordable Personal Loan product to fit every budget.

Fast Turn Around

Our turn around time for a loan secured by your savings is the same day. For regular loans it should not exceed a week.

Competitive Interest Rates

Borrow at great interest rates to help overcome a short-term financial hurdle.

Lending FAQs

Our turn around time for loan secured by your savings is the same day. For regular loans it should not exceed a week. Mortgages are more involved as there is the need to be processed by a legal entity and therefore will take longer.

We lend on the strength of your security, but not in every case. The application will be assessed on an individual basis.

There is an assessment process. If lending is approved you may be called on the same day or at latest the following day.

For loans approved during the 1st and 10th of the month, repayment is the end of the current month. Repayment will commence at the end of the following month on all loans approved after this date.

It is our policy to have a record of the payee and is in keeping with what you requested.

Click on the ‘Request a loan’ link on the top right side of the menu bar. Follow the instructions there. You will need to be a member and provide two most recent pay slips.

There is no policy on this. Every member’s situation is different.

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