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Membership Benefits

  • Access to competitive products
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Member Assistance
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Networking and Sales opportunities
  • Discounts through our strategic partners
  • Savings and Loans Benefits Scheme

Savings & Investment Portfolio

  • Prosperity Deposits
  • Prime Shares Fixed (No Deposits or Withdrawals)
  • Prosperity Suite of Savings products
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  • C.O.B Easy Access Mastercard Debit Card
  • Internet Banking with e-statements
  • Telephone Banking
  • Mobile App with bill payment feature
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The City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union thanks you for your interest in joining our organization. Membership is open to citizens of Barbados and CARICOM member states.

The following documentation is required in order to open your account:

New Membership Enrollment 

Submission and completion of:

(a) New membership application form;

(b) Electronic Signature card;

(c) E-services application form (gives you 24 hr convenient access to your account).

These forms may be downloaded from our website or can be emailed to you upon request.


  1. Valid picture identification i.e. Barbados identification card, passport or driver’s license;
  2. Barbadians who reside overseas & CARICOM citizens will be required to present two (2) pieces of valid picture identification;
  3. If you are a Barbadian residing overseas but do not have a Barbados identification card, passport or driver’s license, you will be required to submit a certified copy of your birth certificate as evidence of your place of birth. Alternatively, if your place of birth is cited in your passport, this will be accepted;
  4. If you were born outside of Barbados and of Barbadian parentage, you will need to submit a certified copy of your birth certificate to show your link to Barbados.

Proof of income

  1. Job letter, pension letter or pay slips;
  2. Letter of Financial Support for minors and unemployed persons (which must be submitted with Financial Information);
  3. Self-employed persons may submit – (a) most recently filed tax return i.e. falling within the last calendar year; (b) management accounts / financial statements not older than one (1) year and (c) bank statement showing pattern of deposits from the business.

Proof of address dated within the last 3 months:

  1. Accepted forms of proof of address that should be addressed to you where you reside are utility bills, bank/credit card statements, correspondence from a Government department or an established retail establishment;
  2. In instances where you are not the owner of a residence, the owner must provide the proof of address bearing their name along with correspondence addressed to the manager of our organization confirming that you are living at the address.

Certification of Documents

  1. All documentation listed in (items 1-4) MUST be notarized and stamped by a Notary Public for overseas applicants;
  2. Whereas, local applications not presented in person have to be stamped and certified by either one of the officials listed below under Certified Officials.

Initial Deposit

  1. An Adult account is opened with a minimum deposit of $70.00 Barbados currency
  2. A CARES account is opened with a minimum deposit of $50.00 Barbados currency

(7) C.A.R.E.S Accounts Requirements (Ages 0-15)

General Requirements

  1. Valid identification or passport for Minor
  2. Valid picture identification for the Trustee (who must be a Parent or Legal Guardian).
  3. Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Income (POI) for trustee. (if prospective trustee is an existingO.B member the POA and POI is not necessary where the trustee has updated their records within the last twelve (12) months.
  4. A minimum of $50.00 Barbados currency.

Who may open an account for a minor?

Generally, parents or legal guardians may open accounts for minors. However, there are instances where a relative, close associate of the parents and/or minor or another entity may want to open an account for the minor.

  • Parents seeking to open an account

When a Parent/Legal Guardian is opening the account the name on the Minor’s Barbados ID must be listed on that section of the ID, if not the parent must provide the original birth certificate which would indicate whether he/she is the parent.

In the event the Minor’s ID is a Passport, the parent has to accompany it with the original Birth Certificate.

  • Relatives/ Other Individuals Seeking to open an Account

These persons must provide the Credit Union with written authorization from the parent or legal guardian of the minor. This letter must be accompanied by the parent/ legal guardian’s ID, in addition to any other documents as listed above (i) which provides proof that they are either the guardian or parent.

General ID & proof of address requirements

  • Identification must be valid & in good condition (not waterlogged, tattered or expired);
  • Non-nationals must present two forms of valid picture identification (Passport, Driver’s License, or any other Government issued photo ID). In some extreme cases, those without two forms of ID may have to provide the Credit Union with an Affidavit prepared by an Attorney-at-Law ;
  • The names on all the IDs presented must correspond. If not, legal documentation (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Affidavit, Decree Absolute) must be provided to show that John Xavier Doe & John Xavier Johnson are one and the same person;
  • Proof of address must be dated within 3 months of the current date;
  • Proof of address must correspond with the name on the ID of the individual opening the account;
  • Proof of address must be a mailed document (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Insurance Notice etc.).

List of Certified Officials

  • Justice of the peace
  • Senior Public Servant *
  • Attorney-at-Law
  • Ordained Minister of Religion
  • Member of the Judiciary
  • Magistrate
  • Senior Officer of a Consulate/Embassy/High Commission of the country issuing the passport
  • Senior Banking Officer (Management level)

*In Barbados, this refers to the:

  • Registrar/Deputy Registrar, Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property
  • Registrar/Deputy Registrar, Supreme Court
  • Registrar/Deputy Registrar, Land Registry
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Chief Personnel Officer, Personnel Administrative Division
  • Chief/Deputy Chief Immigration Officer
  • Permanent Secretary, Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Private Secretary to the Governor General
  • Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner/Senior Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent of Prisons