Children Are Really Enthusiastic Savers

The City of Bridgetown Credit Union (C.O.B) has designed an exciting savings programme just for our young people. At C.O.B, we recognize the importance of sculpting a savings culture amongst the youth and have designed the C.A.R.E.S programme with specific advantages to meet the needs of our young people. These advantages include:

  • Attractive interest rates above that of regular savings
  • Awards for academic excellence at various levels of tuition
  • Learning and experiencing the value of thrift
  • First-hand insight into the world of work

Maxine McClean Scholarship & Awards Programme

The COB Cares Maxine McClean Scholarship and Awards programme is the premier benefits initiative for junior savers. Applicants are required to be a member for at least one year and to have demonstrated a willingness to save.

The programme is designed to recognize and reward our youthful savers at every major developmental stage as they pursue their dreams. As a caring organization we are also pleased to recognize those who also excel in the arts, sports and culture.

Our programme has no parallel and continues to meet the expectations of all our members.

Start to develop the habit of saving right now and you can be just like Angus the Ant - thrifty, industrious and successful! Get great benefits as a member of our cool CARES Programme!

  • Attractive interest rate!
  • Free gift on sign-up* (while stocks last)
  • Eligibility for participation in our School Credit Union Programme
  • Eligibility for awards under our Scholarship Programme

Now that you are getting older, you need to learn how to make your money work for you. COB CARES can help you learn about investing and planning for a sound financial future. Check out the benefits to you!

  • Attractive interest rate
  • Eligibility for awards under our COB CARES Maxine McClean Scholarship and Awards Programme.
  • Interactive informational sessions.
  • Eligibility for recruitment into our Internship Programme.

By now you are very aware of the importance of saving, investing and making wise financial decisions but we at COB have even more for you. Let our wide range of services cater to your needs. The advantages of continued participation in this plan include:

  • Access to an attractive interest rate!
  • Eligibility for awards under our Scholarship Programme
  • Eligibility for recruitment into our Internship Programme
  • Access to our FREE Easy Line of Services:
    • Easy Access ATM & Debit Card
    • Easy E-Banking (Internet Banking)
    • Easy Voice (Telephone Banking)
    • Easy Mobile Banking
  • Ability to apply for a Loan (must be employed)
  • Ability to sign up for any of the products in our Prosperity Suite of Savings

 At every stage, COB CARES for you!

Basic Requirements for Eligibility

1) Years of Membership

Candidates must be members of the Credit Union, specifically the C.A.R.E.S Programme for at least one (1) year or 12 months prior to making the application.

2) Minimum Account Balance

Candidates must have the minimum account balance by the deadline date for applications as outlined in the table below.

3) Application Form

All candidates must complete in full the official C.O.B C.A.R.E.S Maxine McClean Scholarship & Awards Programme application form issued by the C.O.B Credit Union.

4) Essay

Students at the Tertiary level ONLY will be required to complete an essay entitled “The Importance of the Co-operative Movement in Barbados.” This essay should be no less than five hundred (500) words.

Level of Scholarship Minimum Account Balance ($BDS)
Common Entrance/11+ $175
CAPE $425
BCC $425
SJPI $425
Tertiary/Undergraduate $550
CCIAA $150
Special Needs (Differently-able) $150